About RedShift Creative

A Marketing Company

RedShift Creative was founded in 2010 as  a means to manage a buy out from our CEO’s previous marketing company Kenosis Designs from Wake Forest, North Carolina. After a couple of years, a vision formed to take RedShift in an intentional direction and in 2013 RedShift began its pursuit of business in the beautiful city of Birmingham, Alabama.

In these three years the company has grown to manage the marketing for many large and small business needs with clients in 8 states.  RedShift is a consultive firm that focuses on solution based marketing and business consulting that works to create healthy and thriving businesses.

Our Mission:

Grow Your Business

Our Vision:

Provide high-end design and personalized solutions, insights, services and deliverables that select companies need to exceed their expectations and grow their influence.

We choose to be selective in who we work with as we know we are not the right fit for all but we love to excel with those who are a match for us.  Are you a match?

Small Business Marketing Options

RedShift continues to grow and expand with the addition of new staff and resources.  It has also birthed two new companies with the goal of providing different services and are philanthropically driven.

Where Did We Get That Name?

Redshift is an indicator. It indicates a shift in either gravity (e.g. gravitational direction), temperature (e.g. a heat signature), or even sound (e.g. a Doppler effect). So what? There are many indicators in life and business that reveal growth, change, and even danger. In science, the only way to view Redshift is with an infrared lens. In life and business, we need to look through the lens of strategy and creative connectivity between people and the products and services we desire to communicate. Our ability to look through this lens allows us to provide you with unique and creative solutions that meet your goals.