Be careful not to over use these marketing tools.

1.) Yellow-pages – a thing of the past thanks to Google.

2.) Billboards- unless you have multiple billboards don’t waste the money.

3.) Do it yourself marketing like creating your own website. Wix is a great example. Creating your own graphic design and social media are other examples. Remember friends don’t let friends use free builders!

4.) NEVER Repeat post – your followers deserve and expect fresh material.

5.) Small ads in newspapers-¬†These often go unnoticed and don’t produce the ROI desired.

6.) Email blasts – these can be a great tool however over emailing your followers can get you blocked. Limit your customer emails to once a week at most.

7.) iPhone photos – while our handy phones have a decent camera the difference with using a professional is evident. Invest in quality shots for your marketing brand.

7.5) Your business card. Although a marketing requirement don’t count on it to be your only source.

-Written by Megan McKelvey of McKelvey & Co.