CTI Conference Offers

CTI Presentation

Watch and hear the 7 Marketing Essentials for coaching and view special and updated offers from RedShift.

We explore the 7 Essentials of your marketing start up and dive deep into your website needs as well as provide insights into your first steps.


Call: 205-614-3001
Email: info@thinkred.co

SAVE UP TO 15% – MVP Enrollment

MVP is our custom consulting and creative process for you.  We have programs that are tailor made for you to build your business.  Set up a free consultation to get a free example of how we can help and hear more about these programs.

20% OFF Acorn Press

Learn More about building a semi-custom or custom website for your business. Get a free consultation and evaluation of your website as well as guidance on solutions best for you. 20% off until 11/15/17

10% OFF BHAM Press

Get 10% off all graphic design services until 11/15/17.  We will design anything you need have it printed if you want and sent to your doorstep.  Brochures, Business Cards, Banners anything you need. Just ask.  email: info@thinkred.co

NO FEES – Adopt A Press

Every website needs a home.  Who is helping you with your technology and caring for the security of your website?  Starting at 5/mo you can have a hosting account with real people helping you get what you need for your website. Stable. Secure. Professional. Personal.