MVP Plan Comparison

Each of our plans are based on a number of hours used at your pace. You buy what you need, expand at any time, and we will put your business into orbit.

As a client of the MVP you will have opportunity to use your own solutions or choose from our creative suite of services.

Executive consulting and coaching programs by trained coaches.

First class web hosting and technology solutions.

Small to large business website design and development.

Top quality graphic & print design and fulfillment.

MVP Plans

These plans include research, consultative sessions, creative development, and management. Once your program is completed you will have the option of on-going support and service as well.

[TS-VCSC-Pricing-Table style=”5″ plan=”Level 1″ cost=”$600″ per=”/ month for 5 payments” link_type=”none” shadow_enabled=”false”]

Introductory Plan
Ideal for those that know what they want and want to get it pulled together on-time and on budget.


Up to 3 Month Intensive Program
Access To Online Training
Two, Extended Consulting Sessions
Branding & Design Services
15 Hour Total Program


[TS-VCSC-Pricing-Table style=”5″ plan=”Level 2″ cost=”$600″ per=”/ month for 9 payments” link_type=”none” shadow_enabled=”false”]

Save 10% ($400)
Ideal for those working out the kinks in their business model and wants to make sure they get it right.


Full Suite of Services
5 Month Business Growth Program
Two Consulting Sessions Per Month
Marketing Strategic Plan
30 Hour Total Program


[TS-VCSC-Pricing-Table style=”5″ plan=”Level 3″ cost=”$780″ per=”/ month for 10 payments” link_type=”none” shadow_enabled=”false”]

Save 10% ($800)
Ideal for those looking to start up or revitalization. Get what you need set up and running with support.


Full Suite of Services
9 Month Business Growth Focus
On-site Team Development Session
Most Popular Level
43 Hour Total Program


[TS-VCSC-Pricing-Table style=”5″ plan=”Top Level” cost=”$1200″ per=”/ month for 12 payments” link_type=”none” shadow_enabled=”false”]

Save 15% ($2,200)
Ideal for those that are looking for the highest performance, and take advantage of all our services.


Full-Service Program
Up to 12 Month Extended Program
Weekly 45 Minute Sessions
Complete Project Management
90 Hour Total Program


Buy additional hours or expand your program at any time during your agreement. Rate will be locked in at the price per hour for your chosen program.