Own Your Life / Reach Your Destination.

Welcome. I’m Glenn Lewis, founder of Shift Agent. Learn more about how coaching can help in your next stage of life and business. Begin your journey below.


Own Your Life / Reach Your Destination.

Begin your journey here. Meet the founder of Shift Agent, Glenn Lewis. Learn about options and programs for your next stage in life and business.

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Mission & Purpose Development / Design Thinking / Conflict Resolution / Sales Strategy / Life Strategy / Relationship Management / Financial Management / Leadership Empowerment


Realize your goals
Break free from life traps
Peace of  mind and satisfaction
Be happier and more productive

Types of Programs

Shift Agent works to help individuals, groups, teams and organizations succeed at life and business.


We work with executives and other professionals on a individual basis to assist in reaching goals and generating accountability for the objectives set forth. Life and business coaching  on an individual basis is highly customized and each program is tailored to the client’s needs.


Bring greater synergy and productivity to your organization. These small group activities and assessments provide interactive opportunities for growth and valuable insights into team dynamics. These sessions are designed to increase productivity and improve morale to your team.


Conferences, seminars, lunch and learns are just a few events that you can use ShiftAgent to bring relatable coaching to your company or organization. We have engaging topics including; vision, team building, leadership, conflict resolution, personal health and more.

How We Can Work Together

Focus Sessions

These are one-off coaching sessions that are perfect for someone with a specific item to address quickly or as a trial run to see if coaching is a good option for your or your company. These sessions are a minimum of 1 hour and up to 2.5 hours.

Individual & Teams

Full coaching programs start at 90 days and go up from there. These include in-person or teleconference sessions that are set around developing goals and reaching those goals. Each session is 50 minutes long with the coach.

Groups & Events

Topic based groups and live event coaching are available. These can range from small team sessions to large plenary session and training in skills that arise from coaching methods. The include; mission, vision, relationships, and life skills.

About Glenn Lewis & RedShift

Glenn Lewis is an entrepreneur having launched 5 business entities and worked with clients in 18 states and 4 countries.  A professional musician turned marketer, He has more than 20 years of experience in organizational, leadership and business development. He also works with individuals as a personal and executive coach.

RedShift was founded in 2010 after Glenn sold his first company Kenosis Designs in North Carolina. Not long after, a vision formed to take RedShift in an intentional direction and the company began its pursuit of business in the beautiful city of Birmingham, Alabama.

In these years the company has grown to manage the marketing for many large and small business needs with clients in 18 states and 4 countries.  RedShift is a consulting, creative and coaching firm that focuses on solutions that works to create healthy and thriving people and businesses.

Make Your Goals A Reality

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