Our Business Focus

RedShift was born in April of 2010. After the sale of my last company (Kenosis) RedShift was birthed out of a cosulting model I created in that company. The concept at the time was to bring ideas to light in creative marketing and business consulting solutions. After a few years it became clear that these offerings were different enough and needed their own focused brands.

In 2015 RedShift a new vision was crafted with multiple brands and simplified focus. Digital marketing was maturing and my clear passion was centered on the people and processes rather than the technology.  Simultaneously,
I became convinced it was time to begin giving back for all I has be fortunate enough to receive.  This led to the start of what is now 4 additional organizations whose goals are to support and grow business but also support, grow and change the world though giving.

My Personal Journey

Some people aren’t comfortable with raw honesty. I know I wasn’t for a long time. My story, like many of us, is a journey that is a reflection of all things human. The good, the bad, and the I wish it never happened but wouldn’t change the lessons learned for the world. It took a long time and a mix of successes and failures to figure out that my one gift in life is to serve through my humanity in my God-given gifts to better the lives of each person I meet. I am seeking to commit all my effort into this singular purpose. It takes on a few shapes but always the same purpose.

Other Opportunities To Serve


In 2021 RedShift took the next step on its journey for transforming lives by investing in a property that serves to develop leaders and invest in their rest, relaxation, and renewal. The Retreat At Covemont is a property just outside of Gatlinburg, TN that serves to help people get a break, find peace, and care for themselves.

Acorn Press Logo

For more than 20 years we have had our hand in marketing and management of brands. Acorn Press serves to help businesses grow with affordable and manageable web properties, social presence, and search engine marketing. We design logos, print, and other creative items. In addition we choose to help organizations that are advocating for children who are orphaned, troubled and have been subjected to human trafficking.

Adopt A Press logo

With 74 million + installs. WordPress is the largest single platform for building websites. What we want to do is support orphans and troubled teens by adopting WordPress websites and offering top-notch hosting and maintenance services at reasonable costs. All RedShift and Acorn Press sites are hosted and maintained through Adopt-A-Press.


This entity is the faith-based work for leadership development. The needs for faith-based organizations are slightly different and therefore the focus is tailored to their needs. The services also include ministry specific services for conciliation, spiritual renewal, teaching and training.