Asking The Question That Can Change Your World

Why is the sky blue? Why are we here? Why do people do bad things? Why is the earth round? Why do I have brown hair? Why is that hair falling out?  To prevent sounding like a 4 year old, I will stop there.  In life, why questions abound.

Humanity is defined by it’s curiosity. We have an insatiable desire to know why things are the way they are. It motivates our behaviors and moves us to answer these questions.  Conversely, knowing why drives others to be attracted to us.  When a person knows why they do what they do, others take note.  There is a sort of bravery and magnetism we admire in people or groups of people that know why they do what they do.How do we know “The Why” is seminal in life?  I’m glad you asked.  Think about it, at the end of a long, frustrating day what is the question that plagues the human mind while staring at the ceiling. “Why am I doing this?” Whatever the “ this” is, we will ultimately ask why of it.

Most people, and thereby companies, tend to focus on the how and what.  Go to any networking event and you will hear nearly every person ask or respond to the following, “So, what do you do?”. The immediate follow up questions include; “So, are you like so and so?” or “So what makes you different?”. Like a carousel to nowhere, the pattern repeats over and over. The focus remains on perpetual comparison and not on a unique proposition that creates intrigue, interest and true success. People crave something different, but typically can only compare to known quantities. We tend to lie to ourselves and try to make the how and the what our sole purpose.  Instead, we should be living the why.

At RedShift we strive to think about the why.  Why is this company necessary?  Why do we offer the services we offer?  Why would people want to engage us in business? Our simple answer is; RedShift exists to make life better. You, the owner(s) and leaders of your business and the people you serve.  What and how we do it aside; we are here to assist you in reaching your goals and affecting your business in such a way that life is just, better.

This idea is at the core of everything we do.  Sound business & marketing strategy and creative design are simply vehicles to that end. Lofty, sure. Grandiose, probably. Attainable, we believe so.