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Providing processes and systems that align your personal, leadership and professional relationships for success. Set up a FREE call to start learning.


Providing processes and systems that align your personal, leadership and professional relationships for success. Set up a FREE call to start learning.


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Every coaching session I have had with RedShift has given me insight and understanding how I may better process and improve the way I react to life struggles both large and small. I would highly recommend Red Shift and the extensive services that they offer.” – B. Neal, Executive 

“Glenn follows both a systematic and heartfelt way of connecting with people first, so he can help them solve their problems second. He always puts people first which is the key to success in dealing with both individual and team environments. I highly recommend Glenn Lewis and his work as a potential solution finder to your own team’s concerns”. Shawn, Engineer – Mercedes Benz US International

“Glenn quickly gained understanding of our business and our market. He then helped us define and coach internal stakeholders into their proper roles in support of our plan. He helped us develop,and implement a broader strategy for obtaining new business and helped organize our team to ensure we were all working towards the same goals.” – Randy, Executive Director – Southern Medical Association

“I am impressed with Glenn’s ability to ask the right questions to get to the root of the real problem, not just the perceived problem. In my opinion, Glenn is uniquely equipped with the skills to work with a team to build a framework that promotes healing, healthy conflict resolution, accountability, and team work. I believe his efforts allowed our team to develop a platform for success moving forward.” – Lance, Project Lead – The Westervelt Company

“My children lost their father at a very young age, and while they have adjusted to the situation, I was concerned that my son was missing a male influence and potential direction that I could not provide him. Through working with Glenn, my son has made tremendous strides in a short period of time.  He helped him create action steps toward attainable goals. His confidence is improving immensely, and he has implemented and stuck with a structured plan for a daily routine. Best of all, he is discovering who he is and how he wants to show up in life.” – Holly, MS.Ed


What Can I Expect?

Success comes down to relationships: Companies operate on the relationship of people to systems, employees, vendors and customers. Relationships exist in every office, community, and home. I help individuals, teams, and organizations instill the habits that lead to business and relational success.


See personal growth, team productivity increase and business systems aligned and growing toward your goals.

Team Alignment

See individuals and teams communicating at high levels, managing difficulty and conflict with successful results that last.

Tangible Results

Instill measurable and quantifiable metrics that allow you, your team or your company to see and feel the improvements daily.

What Is The Process?

Goal Focused

Our processes allow you to focus forward on goals and direction for life and business. Our methods empower your objectives and maintain focus.

Action Oriented

Beyond training our coaching process is designed to create manageable action steps that accelerate the progress of people and teams.

Objective Insights

A key component to all relationships is trust. As we instill systems and processes. the objectivity that arises from builds health and trust.

About Glenn Lewis & RedShift

Glenn Lewis is an entrepreneur having launched five business entities and worked with clients in 18 states and 4 countries.  A professional musician turned coach, he has more than 20 years of experience in organizational, leadership and business development. He also works with individuals as a personal and executive coach.

RedShift was founded in 2010 after Glenn sold his first company Kenosis Designs in North Carolina. Not long after, a vision formed to take RedShift in an intentional direction and the company began its pursuit of business in the beautiful city of Birmingham, Alabama.

In these years the company has grown to manage the marketing for many large and small business needs.  RedShift is a consulting and coaching firm that focuses on solutions that works to create healthy and thriving people and businesses.

Where Do I Begin?

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