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Welcome. RedShift Consulting programs offer insights and solutions for businesses and organizations to help you grow your influence and reach new heights.

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Business Start Up / Organization & Administration/ Ideation & Brainstorming / HR Management / Sales Strategy /  Marketing / Brand Management / Leadership Empowerment


Insights Into Business Effectiveness
Save Money and Generate Revenue
Increased Productivity for Leadership & Staff

Areas of Focus

RedShift works within the following arenas for success.

Business Growth

Examination, analysis of your sales and marketing practices. Upon evaluation offering guidance for market success and accountability in that process for successful execution. Solution based coaching that add value, profitability and long-term success.

Leadership Empowerment

Identify and evaluate your staffing and current leadership. We will help you mine for talent and leadership skills within the organization and offering insights for staff.  We provide tools and mechanisms that promote growth and increased performance for your staff.

Organizational Health

Providing key insights into organizational growth and development for long-term success. Strategic coaching and consulting for all levels of the organization. Process management, leadership structure, and financial health are examined.

The RedShift Process


Daring to bring change to your business is one of the bravest things a leader can do. Examination of processes and methods for success is the key to that change. Our assessements are custom tailored to the needs of the organization.  Recommendations are provided with options for leaders to choose.


Once the direction has been determined from our assessments, planning & execution phase commences.  We work with individuals and teams to prepare and motivate toward. Once scope of work is scheduled and planned, we get to work to assist in oversight of the work being delivered.


During execution, work must be deciphered for its effectiveness progressively. Our consulting includes metrics that allow you to know whether the initiative is progressing in the manner desired or course corrections can be made along the way. Final evaluation is a key to future success.

About Glenn Lewis & RedShift

Glenn Lewis is an entrepreneur having launched 5 business entities and worked with clients in 18 states and 4 countries.  A professional musician turned marketer, He has more than 20 years of experience in organizational, leadership and business development. He also works with individuals as a personal and executive coach.

RedShift was founded in 2010 after Glenn sold his first company Kenosis Designs in North Carolina. Not long after, a vision formed to take RedShift in an intentional direction and the company began its pursuit of business in the beautiful city of Birmingham, Alabama.

In these years the company has grown to manage the marketing for many large and small business needs with clients in 18 states and 4 countries.  RedShift is a consulting, creative and coaching firm that focuses on solutions that works to create healthy and thriving people and businesses.

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